Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dynamic Action Group - Profile

Dynamic Action Group (DAG)
404, U.P.I.L. Campus
Aishbagh Road, Rajendranagar
Lucknow -226004
Ph : (0522) 2693384, 2690216

In 1998 thirty small, registered and non-registered Dalit NGOs came together to share their common concern and to chalk out an action plan for future. After detailed deliberation over two days it was realised that the voices of Dalit organisations did not receive adequate notice and Dalit issues did not receive attention. Apart from the entrenched system that worked to marginalise Dalit voices as well as interpret Dalit issues in a manner commensurate to the system, one major shortcoming that the participants noted was that of lack of co-ordination between different Dalit groups. It was also realised that the way in which non-Dalit organisations raise Dalit issues often dilutes the central points of structural discrimination as well as historical subjugation.

All the participants unanimously voted to form a platform to: -

• To create leadership quality in Dalit organisations.
• Undertake joint campaign against violation of Dalit human rights in the State.
• Create a space for, and increase visibility of, Dalit organisations.

The platform was called Dynamic Action Group (DAG). It was formed with the objective :-

• To strengthen the concept and philosophy of Dalit emancipation.
• To provide training and education to create new leadership.
• To initiate and expand debates on Dalit issues.
• To create Public awareness on Dalit issues.
• To locate methods for civil society to participate in the process of change initiated by DAG.

Our principal activities are: -

• Training Dalit youth and women for developing leadership and building perspective.
• Organising Public Hearings and Tribunals on violation of Dalit human rights.
• Monitoring events, media and development and disseminating the outcome.
• Advocacy.

Our Publications: -
• Dalit-gatha (Dalit stories) – a monthly newsletter of Dalit news carried by newspapers in UP. Dalit-gatha is published once a month and is a compilation of news clippings on Dalit atrocities, administrative attitude, Dalit action, and Dalit situation with respect to health, education and social services.
• Report on atrocities. These are periodical publications that contain information collected through local investigation and research. The publications describe social and economic conflicts, deprivations and discrimination that lead to conflict, and attempts (or its lack) at conflict resolution.
• Report on profiles of different Dalit communities of UP. These are periodical publication containing information collected through local research about specific communities. These contain the size of the communities, their situation, inter-community relationships etc.
• Aj Ka Bharat (India today) Aj Ka Bharat is a booklet published every two months contains Dalit stories from different part s of the country and translated into Hindi.

The structure of DAG.

At present DAG has 75 members spread over 35 districts of UP.
The network is guided by the constitution that is ratified and amended every year in the general house.
The general house consists of all the members, elects the executive committee and convenor for two years.


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