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Tabulation of atrocities against Dalits in May 2005

May, 2005

Story No./ Issues Date Victim Caste/Place/Occupation Accused Caste/Place/Occupation
Action; taken by
1. (a) Oppression (b) Murder 16/05/05 1. Situ or Anan s/o Jyotiram (dead)
2. Garibdas Caste-Dalits/Vill-Kallarpur Gurjar/PS-Rampur Manihar/Distt-Saharanpur Akshaya or Pappu Gurjar (criminal) Caste-Gurjar/Vill-Kallarpur Gurjar/PS-Rampur Manihar/Distt-Sahranpur/ Criminal 1. S A Rizvi, SSP, Saharanpur sent dead bodies to postmortem 2. SP City- Pushpak Jyoti, CO- Sadar Bazaar, CO- Nukkad and CO- Devband arrived on the place of occurrence Amar Ujala, 16/05/05
2. (a) Oppression (b) Insult 13/05/05 1. Pratapram 2. Ashok Kumar 3. Fakeer Ram Caste-Dalits/Vill-Biraulichola/Tehsil-Gangolihat/Distt-Pithauragarh 1. Raju Singh 2. Govind Sing 3. Ramesh Singh Upper cast/ Vill-Biraulichola/Tehsil-Gangolihat/
Distt-Pithauragarh 1. Accused opposed drumming and other celebrations during victim's baraat. 2. Victim, Fakeer Ram demands Shrees Kumar (SDM) to protection of Dalits and inquiry. 3. SDM send Nayab Tehsildar to inquiry. Hindustan, 13/05/05
3. (a) Murder 18/05/05 1. Situ or Anan s/o Jyotiram (dead)
2. Garibdas Caste-Dalits/Vill-Kallarpur Gurjar/PS-Rampur Manihar/Distt-Saharanpur Name not given Caste-Gurjar/Vill-Kallarpur Gurjar/PS-Rampur Manihar/Distt-Sahranpur/ Criminal 1. Police force deployed at villge 2. SSP suspended PS In-charge, Sudhir Kumar Amar Ujala, 18/05/05
4. (a) Oppression (b) Illegal Procession (c) threats 09/05/05 Sukhram Pasi Caste-Pasi (dalit)/Vill-Palia/PS Itaunja/Distt-Lucknow Name not given Caste not given (dauntless)/ Vill-Palia/PS Itaunja/Distt-Lucknow 1. Police files report after court's order but not action taken against accused 2. Sukhram informs CM, Police officials and Dalit Commission Jansatta Express, 09/05/05
5. (a) Oppression 06/05/05 Ram Autar Caste-Pasi/Village-Mon/Kotwali-Mahrajganj/Distt-Raibariely 1. Avdhesh Kumar Vaishya 2. Saroj Kumar 3. Vijay 4. Raejndra Caste not given Village-Mon/Kotwali-Mahrajganj/Distt-Raibariely 1. Kotwali In-charge arrives on place of occurrence and collects information 2. Police arrested two accused Hindustan, 06/05/05
7. (a) Conflict (b) Violence (c) Arson (aagzani) 18/05/05 Not given Caste-Dalit/Vill-Madusari/PS-Ranipur/Distt-Mau Janardan Chuahan Caste-Chauhan/Vill-Madusari/PS-Ranipur/Distt-Mau 1. Police deployed in the village Hindustan, 18/05/05
8. (a) Oppression (b) Feudalism (zamidari) (c) Patta 15/05/05 Not given Tehsil-Ramnagar/ Distt-Barabanki Not given Tehsil-Ramnagar/ Distt-Barabanki Administration is not talking any action to provide Patta and oppression Jansatta Express, 15/05/05
8. (a) Oppression (b)Bad behaviour 02/04/05 Sukhdeyi (Pradhan) Caste-Dalit/Vill-Madanpur/Fatehpur/Distt-Barabanki/Village Pradhan Jairam, Police Caste-not given/ /Fatehpur/Distt-Barabanki/ Police Sub Inspector 1. Sub Inspector, Jairam abused Dalit Village Pradhan. 2. CO assures Village Pradhan to take action against SI. Jansatta Express, 02/04/05
9. (a) Oppression (b) Shortage of water (c) Migration 24/05/05 Bhumanidin Balmiki Caste-Balmiki/Vill-Pahra/Distt-Mahoba. --- --- 1. People of Pahra, Mahoba are suffering from water because of draught. 2. Dauntless of area oppose poor and Dalits to take water Jansatta
Express 24/05/05
10. (a) Violence (b) loot 08/05/05 Mahadev Rawat Caste-Dalit (Rawat)/Lalapur Majre, Nathupur/PS-Asandra/Distt-Barabanki Balbhadra Pandey Caste-Braheman/Vill-Rehra/PS-Asandra/Distt-Barabanki Asandra PS In-charge started inquiry of case. Jansatta Express, 08/05/05
11. Oppression 29/04/05 --- --- --- --- SC/ST Commission's member, Devendra addresses press meet and says UP is No. 1 in Dalit oppression case. Note- Press meet was organised at Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar Rashtriya Sahara, 29/04/05
12. (a) Oppression (b) Violence (c) Migration 19/05/05 Santram Caste-SC/At-Khamariya Pandit Town/PS-Isanagar/Distt-Lakhimpur Khiri/Agriculture Dauntless (Name not given) Caste-Not given/ At-Khamariya Pandit Town/PS-Isanagar/Distt-Lakhimpur Khiri Police is not taking any step against dauntless. Harijans write letter to HR Commission Jansatta Express, 19/05/05
13. (a) Poverty (b) Hunger (c) Unemployment 06/06/06 1. Swaminath Mushar and his family 2. Vishwanath 3. Dhura 4. Mansha Devi Caste-Mushar/Vill-Mushar Toli (Jungle Belwa)/Block-Padrauna/Distt-Kushinagar --- --- 1. There are no basic facilities (like way, sanitation, hospital, school etc) in the village. 2. Mushars say DM and other officials have been visited this village but nobody taken any step to solve our problems Hindustan, 06/05/05
14. (a) Oppression (b) Hunger (c) Child Right (d) Violence 1. Matabadal
2. Vikram (12 years) s/o Matabdal Caste-Dalit/Vill-Purab Belaw/PS-Asandra/Distt-Barabanki Son and daughter in of Matabadal Mali (late) Caste-Mali/Vill-Purab Belaw/PS-Asandra/Distt-Barabanki 1. Victim, Vikram (12 years) s/o Matabdal was entered in Matabadal (late) Mali's house to steal food because of hunger. 2. Mali's family blames stealing of money. 3. Asandra PS In-charge, Jaiprakash Pandey sends Matabadal to jail and Vikram (12 years) to home. Jansatta Express, 28/05/05
15. (a) Oppression (b) Threat 07/05/05 Tilakram Caste-Dalit/At-Campbell Road/Distt-Lucknow/footwear shopkeeper Akhtar Ali Caste-Muslim/At-Campbell Road/Distt-Lucknow/ shopkeeper 1. Tilakram complains SSP against Akhtar Ali to oppression and threat. 2. SSP orders Sadatganj PS In-charge to inquiry. Amar Ujala, 07/05/05
16. (a) Oppression (b) threat (c) Illegal grabbing (qabza) 02/04/05 1. Govind Prasad Gautam Caste-Dalit/At-Badali kheda/PS-Sarojninagar/Distt-Lucknow Police Post In-charge, Airport Caste-not given/Police Post Airport/PS-Sarojninagar/Distt-Lucknow/Police Police Post In-charge 1. Police Post n-charge wants Govind's plot free of cost. 2. In-charge threats Govind to beating and false case. 3. Govind writes letter to HRC and Harijan
Commission to protection and justice and action against In-charge. Dainik Jagran, 02/04/05
17. (a) Oppression (b) Fire in crops 23/04/05 1. Ramfer Rawat 2. Siddique Teli 1.Caste-Rawat (dalit) 2. Teli (Muslim)/Vill-Tikariya Saidkhan/PS-Asandra/Distt-Barabanki Ram Newal Yadav Caste-Yadav/Vill-Tikariya Saidkhan/PS-Asandra/Distt-Barabanki 1. Accused sets fire in victims crop and absconded. 2. Ramfer reports against accused in Asandra Police Station Jansatts Express 23/04/05
18. (a) Oppression (b) Conflict (c) Demolition 15/05/05 Name not given Caste-Dalit/At- Shukul Bazaar/Distt-Sultanpur Dauntless (name not given) Caste- not given/ At- Shukul Bazaar/Distt-Sultanpur 1. Dauntless beaten Dalits and demolished their houses on waste (Banjar) lands 2. Revenue officer and Lekhpal were present on that time. Hindustan, 15/05/05
19. (a) Oppression (b) Poverty (c) Ignoring (d) Violence 31/05/05 1. Pancham 2. Neelam (15 years) d/o Pancham 3. Rakesh s/o Pancham Caste Not given/At-Distt Hospital/Distt-Hardoi/Bhatta Labour (3) 1. Doctor and nurses 2. Munne 3. Ravindra 4. Santram Caste not given/At-Distt Hospital/Distt-Hardoi/doctor and nurses (1-3)
Note- Accused no 2-4 belong to victim's village but caste and address not given 1. Victim Pacham is taking treatments in Distt Hospital. 2. Accused no 2-4 fired gun on victim's leg.
3. Doctors and nurses are not caring Pancham because he have no money Amar Ujala 31/05/05
20. (a) Oppression (b) Food Grain Scam (d) BPL 08/05/05 Name not given Block-Bejham/Distt-Khiri 1. Ration Mafias 2. Godown In-charge Block-Bejham/Distt-Khiri 1. Ration Mafias and godown In-charges do not give ration (in to fixed quantity) to Quota owners 2. Ration Mafias and godown In-charges threat Quota owners if they complaint against them. Jansatta Expree, 08/05/05
21. (a) Appression (b) stealing and damaging (Statues of Ravidas and B R Abedkar) (c) Conflict 25/05/05 Ramllakhan, Chairman, Ambedkar Kalyan Samiti. Caste-Dalit/Vill-Bankat/PS-Chaubepur/Distt-Varanasi/Chairman, Ambedkar Kalyan Samiti. Name and Caste Not give/ Vill-Bankat/PS-Chaubepur/Distt-Varanasi Anti-social elements (name not given) 1. Angers blocked road 2. Charges file against a specific caste. 3. High tension in the village. 4. PAC and Police deployed. 5. SDM, Sadar and Yogendra Singh, CO, Cholapur assure to establish new statues. Hindustan, 25/05/05
22. (a) Oppression (b) Violence 15/04/05 Ghasiram s/o Achchelal Ahirwar Caste-Ahirwar (dalit)/Majra Taparian (Kamalpur)/Kharela, Mahoba 1. Babulal s/o Gulzarilal 2. Chakkilal f/o Gulzari Caste not given/Majra Taparian (Kamalpur)/PS-Charkhari/Kharela, Mahoba Victims inform Police station Dainik Jagran, 15/04/05
23. (a) Oppression (b) Violence (c) Indira Avas Yojna 02/04/05 Badri Caste-Not given/Vill-Lahaur/PS-Mahobkanth/Distt-Mahoba Munnalal Kallu Caste-Not given/Vill-Lahaur/PS-Mahobkanth/Distt-Mahoba 1. Accused looted victim's building material and beaten him 2. Police station charges file against accused Dainik Jagran, 02/04/05
24. (a) Oppression (b) Rape 01/04/05 1. Nanhe Singh 2. Savitri Devi. Caste-Dalit/Vill-Odarhana and Behdalal/Distt-Khiri 1. Rane Singh 2. Sunil Singh Caste-Thakur/ Vill-Odarhana and Behdalal/Distt-Khiri 1. Police is not taking action against accused 2. Retired IPS Officer, S R Darapuri of Ambedkar Bodh Mahasabha informs SC/ST Commission about incident and warns to strike. Hindustan, 01/04/05
25. (a) Oppression (b) Murder 11/05/05 Chotelal Caste-not given/Vill-Bastauli/PS-Cant/Distt-Kucknow/Labour Anoop Kumar s/o Ram Gopal Caste-not given/Vill-Bastauli/PS-Cant/Distt-Kucknow/Labour 1. Cant police charges case of accident on the place of murder case and advices to compromise 2. Chotelal appeals Om Prakash, Minister to help but no action taken. Dainik Jagran, 11/04/05
26. (a) Oppression (b) Dacoity 04/05/05 1. Munnilal 2. Santlal 3. Rajendra etc. Caste-Dalits/Vill-Asadha/PS-Saraimir/Distt-Azamgarh Dacoits --- Dacoits looted and beaten villagers Rashtriya Shara, 04/05/05
27. (a) Oppression (b) Violence (c) Stripping 21/04/05 1. Ramesh Diwakar 2. Sheela w/o Ramesh 3. Dinesh b/o Ramesh Caste-Dalit/Vill-Sadhuapur/PS-Mangalpur/Distt-Kanpur/Milk Seller 1. Munua Chaubey 2. Bhure Chaubey Caste-Braheman (Chaubey)/Vill-Sadhuapur/PS-Mangalpur/Distt-Kanpur 1. Ramesh charges case against accused 2. There is high tension in the village Hindustan, 21/04/05
28. (a) Rape (b) Violence 04/04/05 D/o Sumiran (13 years) Caste-Dalit/Vill-Ghurdevi/PS-Baundi/Distt-Bahraich Name not given Caste-Minority/Vill-Ghurdevi/PS-Baundi/Distt-Bahraich 1. Police not taken action after complaint 2. CO City is inquiring case on the behalf of SP's order Rashtriya Sahara, 04/04/05
29. (a) Exploitation (b) Daily wages labours (waomen) 04/05/05 1. Bhagwati 2. Badni 3. Munni Caste-not given/Almoda/care taker of Social Welfare Department Social Welfare Department --- 1. Victims are working as care taker of children and women from years. 2. Department do not pay honorarium timely. Hindustan, 04/04/05
30. (a) Oppression (b) Rape (c) Migration 06/05/05 1. Munni Devi (Dead) w/o Ram Khelawan 2. Ram Khelawan 3. Suresh s/o Ram Khelawan Caste-Dalits/At-Begariya/Kakori/Distt-Lucknow 1. Pushpendra Verma 2. Bechalal 3. Nandkishor 4. Ajay 5. Ashok Kumar 6. Ravi Rawat etc. Caste-not given (dauntless)/At-Begariya/Kakori/Distt-Lucknow 1. Accused blames Suresh to murder of Mahesh's son. 2. Accused kills Munni Devi. 3. Police charges murder case against accused and searching them. Amar Ujala, 06/05/05
31. (a) Oppression (b) Violence (c) Stripping 05/05/05 Nirmal Devi Caste-Dalit/Vill-Damauli, Paswan Tola/Distt-Purnia/Bihar/Maid (Dauntless) Name not given Caste-Not given/ Vill-Damauli, Paswan Tola/Distt-Purnia/Bihar/Maid Police not taken any action Amar Ujala 05/05/05
32. (a) Oppression (b) Rape 17/05/05 1. D/o Nanhelal 2. Savitri Devi 1. Caste-Dalit/Vill-Odrahna/Kotwali Sadar/Distt-Lakhimpur Khiri
2. Caste-Dalit/Vill-Behda/PS-Magalganj/Distt-Lakhimpur Khiri 1. Sardar Rane Singh 1. Caste-Upper Calss/Vill-Budhnapur/Kotwali Sadar/Disst-Lakhimpur Khiri. 2. (Information not given) Case-1. 1. Kotwali Sadar Police not taken action against accused. 2. Special Inquiry Cell started inquiry. Case-2. 1. Victim could not get helping money. 2. Charge-sheet has been submitted by CO Mohammadi Dainik Jagran, 17/05/05
33. (a) Oppression (b) Violence against women (d) Dowry (c) Murder 06/05/05 1. Anjali (dead) 2. Raju or Rajni (Dead) 1. Caste-Not given/At-Chichara/PS-Khanna/Distt-Hamirpur 2. Caste-Not given/At-Chirka/PS-Khanna/Distt-Hamirpur --- --- 1. Social organisations in Hamirpur could not aware people against women oppressions. 2. Social organisations have embezzled a lot of money Dainik Jagran, 06/05/05
34. (a) Midday Meal Plan (b) Food Poisoning 02/04/05 Children of a Primary School At-Primary School/Distt-Bulandshahar. 2 cooks and a Nagar Palika official Disst-Bulandshahar
1. Lizard in midday meal 2. 120 children fell ill. 3. DM Nina Sharma orders to file case against two cooks and a Nagar Palika official Amar Ujala, 02/04/05
35. (a) Oppression (b) Rape (c) Kidnapping 13/05/05 1. A girl (6 years old) name no given 2. Meera 3. Keshar 4. A girl child (3 months) 1. Caste-not given/Vill-Panara/PS-Kulpahad/Distt-Mahoba 2-4. Caste-Not given/At-Mahoba 1. Charan Kushwaha 2-4. People from Delhi 1. Caste-Kushwaha/Vill-Panara/PS-Kulpahad/Distt-Mahoba 2-4. Caste-not given Case-1. 1. A report of rape with girl child files in police station. Case-2-4. Accused kidnapped victims to take revenge Dainik Jagran 13/05/05
36. (a) Oppression (b) Threat (c) Insult 09/05/05 1. Sandhya Maurya w/o Kripashankar 2. Kripashankar Caste-Murya/At-Pratap Nagar/PS-Ghazipur/Distt-Lucknow/(1) Stitching and Embroidery teacher /(2) Businessman Mahesh Singh and his friends Caste-Singh/ At-Pratap Nagar/PS-Ghazipur/Distt-Lucknow/Policemen 1. Policemen abuse Kripashankar and his wife Sandhya and threat him to kill 2. Sandhya complains CM, Home Secretary, DIG, IG, SSP, HRC, SP- Transgomti and CO, Ghazipur but no action taken Dainik Jagran, 09/05/05


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