Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tribes Compelled to eat 'Chakbar' leaf due to starvation

The poor tribal community has no option to eat Chakbar leaf as food due to continuous drought. It seen at KookhariTola , Bahuaar village under Rabastusganj. Chirujia of 'Agaria' tribe with her eighteen members family is compelled to give 'Chakbar' leaf to her family members as food. Such a worse situation was in 1960. But it was beyond imagination that in 21 st century repeats, tribes will be compelled to eat leaf.

This tribal family of Bahuaar village has eighteen family members. They have only one Red card. The family got only 35 K.g food grains through the Red card. This is a landless family. Chirujia has four sons, five daughters, two daughter- in-laws, five grand sons and her husband. Only 35 K.g ration from Red card is not sufficient enough to meet their hunger. As Femine relief work is not in Process, they are jobless. According to Locals, if the Femine relief work is not start immediately, more poor people will have the same fate. The poor tribes took Chakbar leaf and Mahua lath due to lack of food grain, fifty years before. After 'Green Revolution' we thought we are self-dependent. But we can't ignore our poor tribal community; those are compelled to eat 'Chakbar' leaf to meet their hunger. District Administration should take it seriously.


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